Bradley’s House Podcast

Bradley’s House Podcast, in honor of legendary Sublime frontman Bradley Nowell, is about the band going from backyard party fame in Long Beach, California, to selling nearly 18 million records worldwide. More importantly – since Bradley lost his war with heroin addiction in 1996 at the age of 28 – the podcast focuses on the importance of recovery, stories of success, and ways to battle the opioid crisis in America today.

Bradley’s House Podcast is co-hosted by Jarett Orr and the Nowell Family Foundation’s executive director, Kellie Nowell (Bradley’s sister). The show entertains, educates, and encourages listeners with guests from the music industry and specialists in recovery.
If you are a Sublime enthusiast or music lover, or if you have been affected by the opioid epidemic, tune in to Bradley’s House Podcast!

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